NRG is a company that provides natural sand and ultra light weight proppant suitable for hydraulic fracturing operations in non-conventional reservoirs in Argentina.
We offer a variety of products that allow operators and service companies in the oil and gas industry to choose the most appropriate proppant agent to maximize their efficiency and return on investment.
Given the importance of identifying the best areas of such a heterogeneous formation as Vaca Muerta, it is essential to eliminate any possible source of uncertainty that does not come exclusively from the subsoil. That is why at NRG we are in the process of certifying the quality of all our processes and implementing a unique traceability system in the market in order to ensure the provision of large volumes of product, while maintaining a stable and consistent quality.
The products can be sent by NRG directly to the fracture pad or be picked up by customers at our plant.

We are ready to accompany the efforts to optimize the development of Argentina's non-conventional resources.


Our goal is to provide outstanding products, delivering the most suitable sand according to the type of operation
in the quantities demanded and with a consistent quality over time.


NRG MAX - Pure hardness and maximum conductivity 

NRG MAX® hydraulic fracturing sands are produced from a geologically mature quartz sands reservoir spatially homogeneous and of exceptional purity and structural integrity. These proppants do not degrade during handling or pumping and have low superficial stresses that minimize propping-induced friction under high shear conditions.

NRG MAX ® has an excellent initial conductivity and maintains a high retained conductivity with the increase of containment, which is attributable to its exceptional geometric characteristics and the structural integrity of its grains. By decreasing pore pressure through production, its rounded and spherical surfaces can more evenly distribute the forces to minimize incrustation and obtain a high productivity along the entire length of the fracture. 

The suspension properties make NRG MAX® ideal for extending the packaged length, thus maximizing the final hydrocarbon recovery.


NRG PRO - Input optimization for sustained production

NRG PRO® hydraulic fracturing sands are produced from a blend of a geologically mature quartz sands reservoir of exceptional purity and structural integrity. These proppants do not degrade during handling or pumping and are suitable for massive fracturing operations under demanding reservoir conditions.

NRG PRO® provides superior performance attributable to extensive processing and re-evaluation that optimizes product consistency and uniformity.

NRG PRO® offers excellent bridging and uniform retained permeability without clogging or channeling during the flowback.

NRG PRO® performs at significant depths and temperature gradients without crushing, compacting or chemical degradation to minimize the formation of fines in the permeable zone while maintaining flow speed and production efficiency.


We offer an ideal product to increase the effective volume shored, thus obtaining a greater range of fracture and conductivity and, therefore, a better return on investment.


NRG ULTRA - Maximum propped volume reach

One of the newest techniques introduced in recent years in non-conventional reservoirs is the pumping of ultra lightweight proppants (ULWP). When the density of these proppants is similar to water, they can be pumped into the pad increasing the volume effectively stimulated. By having a neutral flotation, the problem of settling is eliminated and it is possible to achieve uniform vertical distributions and lower sand concentrations than a full monolayer (“partial monolayer”), thus resulting in increased conductivity. Numerous publications and case studies in shale and tight reservoirs in the United States have documented significant increases (greater than 20%) in the return on investment, thanks to the application of these new technologies.rtt

NRG develops ULTRA, a new ultra-lightweight synthetic product with high temperature and hardness. Its polymeric structure provides extraordinary rigidity even at temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius. For the most demanding conditions of confinement pressure and temperature in a reservoir like Vaca Muerta, the relative deformation of the particles does not exceed 15%. 

The manufacturing process of ULTRA guarantees a low dispersion in size distribution and a quasi-perfect roundness and sphericity, far superior to those of sintered ultra-light agents. ULTRA is chemically inert, diagenesis-resistant and has low deformation, ensuring long-term fracture conductivity. 


We are the first integrated company in the sector since, in addition to providing critical products for the development of the country's unconventional resources, we provide last-mile and on-site management services.



In order to optimize the logistics of distribution of proppants agents, we offer the delivery of final product in a timely manner to our clients incorporating the last mile to our service.
Multiple transport-related logistical problems may arise in this phase, such as: vehicles’ breakdown, heavy traffic, traffic jams or areas of difficult access. Last mile logistics seeks to solve all these problems or reduce their impact to a minimum.
NRG has its own fleet of CNG trucks with hoppers that are specially built for fast loading and unloading of bulk materials keeping the product dry and in optimal conditions. The tractor units have been manufactured in Europe and certified under the "Unece R-110" regulation of the United Nations, which is in force in the whole European Union. They have the endorsement and approvals of the corresponding agencies in Argentina.
We are the first company in Argentina to have a captive fleet of CNG heavy trucks, with a noticeable reduction in noise, toxic gas and greenhouse gas emissions.
Another competitive advantage of NRG is that, given its geographical location, we use alternative roads rather than the usual ones (which are saturated), ensuring deliveries in the times and quantities as committed, increasing safety, reducing the acident rate and the negative impact on the most congested routes in Nequén basin.



We signed an exclusivity agreement with National Oilwell Varco company (NOV) for the supply of their SandBankTM mobile silos system. This system is gradually replacing the box system which, while discharging sand faster than previous hoppers and generating less particulate matter, requires substantial on-site movement, which can lead to incidents.
The mobile silo system has high safety standards and lesser imprint on location. It provides greater operational efficiency in a critical service such as the supply of product in the blender.
Each system consists of 6 silos and mechanisms for gravity unloading of hopper trucks in a shorter time than any other system. In addition, it is completely enclosed, thus eliminating the problem of particulate matter and preventing it from affecting the health of employees.
This solution helps reduce the impact on the fracture operation area, minimize material waste and protect health and the environment by mitigating noise and dust in suspension, thus increasing the number of fracture stages that can be performed per work day.